Friday, December 14, 2012

School Days

As always, just a peek at some of the activities the boys have done in the past week that weren't featured in other posts.  Me Too rediscovered the Word Builder tiles and has spent a lot of time exploring them, building and sounding out both real words and nonsense words.

Me Too also enjoyed working with this box of wooden word builder puzzles that my grandmother found for the boys once at a rummage sale.  He is obsessed with "games" right now.  We cleaned out our games and puzzles cabinet in the family room this week to make it easier for him to get things in and out of it.  While doing so, we rediscovered a few of Kal-El's old "reading games" that I made using printables from Kelly's Kindergarten and Me Too asked to play them quite often during our "school time" this week.  With all of the above going on, we didn't get to any of the word studies I had planned for him this week but we DID have a lot of fun.

Kal-El wrapped up fraction equivalence work with the divided squares.

The boys learned how to make an acid-base indicator solution from red cabbage powder and use it to identify some common "chemicals" (baking soda, citric acid).

They also completed five different weather labs from R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey, Earth & Space.  I have a lot of photos and will post about that work separately later this week.

Kal-El continued his music notation cards.  I finished up the three-part nomenclature cards for him.

He also completed the grading cards, this time without a control beneath.

I am soo glad I caught this moment on camera.  Me Too finished his addition tables booklet and brought it over to Kal-El to show him.  Kal-El oohed and aahed appropriately.  If you know Me Too personally you will recognize his "proud face."

Afterward he dug right into the loose equations and his "big boy" recording book.

Kal-El is still enjoying reviewing the landforms.  Unlike during primary, THIS TIME the nomenclature seems to have stuck and he is using words like "archipelago" in everyday conversation. One of his favorite jokes right now is to sing "I wish you a Merry Isthmus."  My next big Montessori project is to tackle some more Montessori geography works.  First on the list are the Waseca-style cards or images for elementary landforms (mountain, valley, etc.,).


  1. LOVE that hat!

    Those look just like the same land/water cards we have ;) Downloaded them from one of the many generous souls on the internet ;)

  2. Always enjoy these school post! The wizard hat is the cutest thing ever! I guess you got to have one while your doing all that science.

    The music work is inspiring! I liked Me Too's work with the word tiles too.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love all the work! You reminded me to revisit the landform cards.