Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Truth in the Tinsel: Days 1-4

We have really been enjoying Truth in the Tinsel.!  I actually made sure I had all of the materials I needed to work through the whole book with the boys a year ago when I put together the art closet.  Having everything on hand has made it super easy to use this book.  Each day the boys take turns pulling a clue off of the paper chain Advent calendar I made.  We read the days' section of the Bible while the boys eat breakfast.  After breakfast they make an ornament related to the Bible reading.

I photographed the boys' first four ornaments.  The fifth is drying in the laundry room right now.  They used A LOT of glitter glue.  I photographed each of Me Too's ornaments individually.  Kal-El's are at the end in a group.

Light by Me Too

 Kingdom by Me Too

 Zechariah by Me Too

 Gabriel by Me Too

Light, Kingdom, Zechariah, and Gabriel by Kal-El

I hung lighted garlands up both sides of our staircase.  Each child has a side on which to hang their ornaments as our regular Christmas tree is already pretty full.  I let the boys do a lot of art, but I don't always remember to prepare a lot of "crafts" for them.  They are really enjoying this!

Looking for music to go with Truth in the Tinsel.?  I curated a collection in this post:

Musical Companions for Truth in the Tinsel.

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