Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crystal Ball

The boys have been back at it with their Magic Science kit.  Yesterday's experiment was to create a "crystal ball" in a test tube.  This required a little searching on the internet to find a short video clip of a crystal ball in action so they would know what one is.  

After watching a 30 second clip from The Wizard of Oz the boys were ready to start mixing some chemicals (But not ready to watch The Wizard of Oz.  Everyone agreed that the witch was too scary.)

The directions suggested thinking of a question in your mind and then staring into your crystal ball while concentrating on the desired outcome until you could picture it in the swirling goop.

Here is Kal-El concentrating extra hard.  Me Too was pretty skeptical.  

We all decided that the "crystal ball" nonsense was pretty silly.  What wasn't so silly was the reminder that heavy matter sinks and light matter rises.  The experiment is done with oil, water and a color tablet containing citric acid and baking soda.  The way the carbon dioxide bubbles attached to droplets of colored water, carried them to the top of the test tube, the bubbles popped, and the colored water droplets sink back down to the bottom was very reminiscent of the dance of the elements in the first Great Lesson...I might have to consider tying the two together in the future.

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  1. Super cool expiriment! I love it! I think I will need to look into getting some science kits! :)