Sunday, January 6, 2013

Magic Show and Other Fun

It has become an annual tradition when the cousins visit each December for the three boys spend part of the week learning some new magic tricks from their Papa (my husband's dad) and then put on a magic show for the family on New Year's Eve.  Me Too was a more equal participant this year than last.  Above is his not-so-mysterious floating wand trick.

Kal-El mastered the rings this year.

My niece emcees and helps the boys put it all together.  This year she even played music on my autoharp between acts.  

The family room was also the site of some gigantic block play.

You might not recognize our school room.  I barely do.


At least there were a few quiet moments...


  1. You guys had some major with the family! Now, that's Christmas:)

    Thank you for sharing.