Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Map Works

A lot of the map work the boys did this week was a LOT less local than what you saw yesterday.

Kal-El is still working on memorizing the names of the countries in South America.  Each time he works with the puzzle map I add something to his South America continent box for inspiration.

Me Too caught the map bug this week as well.  He worked on ALL of the maps sensorially.  He is not very interested in learning the names of any of the pieces right now.  He does absorb quite a few of them as he goes.  For example, my husband heard Kal-El was working with the South America map (No, he doesn't read the blog.) and asked him to give him a few examples of some of the countries at the dinner table.  Kal-El named one and Me Too rattled off six.


  1. Love maps work!! You remember me big princess don't use maps since last year!!! mmmmmm I have to work on that!! Thanks for the reminder!! Love your "Cristo Redentor" statue!! lovely

  2. COmpletely out of topic question here. What do you store in the turquoise cabinet? I have seen it pop a few times in your pictures, and I have one similar that is gathering dust...I'd love a little inspiration

    thank you

  3. Thanks Karen!


    I will be posting about those in the future...once I get them completely filled an organized. However, the short answer is that they are our science drawers. They are full of things like magnets, compasses, measuring tools, animal footprint stamps, etc.,

  4. Thanks!
    Great idea...can wait to see how they turn out.

  5. Thanks Karen,

    I know what you mean. It is so hard to keep all of these threads going without dropping them.