Wednesday, January 2, 2013

School Day

We are back to work!  I hope to post about our break a bit on the weekend.  Today was all about getting back into our usual routine.  My husband dropped off our last pair of house guests on his way to work this morning.  We have had up to six extra people living in our house for the past nine days and it was CRAZY.  I don't know how large families do it.  My husband hypothesizes it has something to do with the ratio of adults versus kids.  He mumbled something about "too many cooks in the kitchen."  

Kal-El jumped right into calendar work after breakfast this morning.  Santa brought each of the boys their own calendar for 2013.  I suspected that may be the case so I had printed out a December calendar for each of them last month to get used to navigating and crossing off the days (see below)

It was a great first step.  Now they each have their own special calendar tailored to their individual interests.  Kal-El has the Space 2013 Calendar: Views from the Hubble Telescope  and Me Too has the Playful Puppies Wall Calendar.

This morning they both spent a lot of time writing in family birthdays, cub scout meetings, etc.,

Speaking of "history" work, we finally DID make that popcorn.  Me Too policed the popcorn with our Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch.

Kal-El kickstarted our time in the schoolroom by choosing some geometry work.  I haven't been doing a very good job keeping our geometry studies moving so I was really happy that he got things started again all on his own.  He reviewed the types of sides and angles of triangles by sorting the triangle drawer of the geometric cabinet onto a grid I made out of foam board.

It looks like I will need to work on some geometry materials tonight so we can keep this going.

We played a fraction game for the first time and Kal-El really loved it.  I couldn't find the exact game we own on Amazon, we bought ours at a teacher supply store, but you can find it on the manufacturer's website.  

The instructions detail four different games you can play, each at three different levels.  We played traditional dominos at the easiest level today by simply matching the numerical fraction to a picture of a fraction (circle sector, unit bars, or parts of groups).  The denominators go up to twelve.

Tomorrow Kal-El will choose whether to play the same game again at the next difficulty level (allowing the players to match equivalent fractions) or to play a different version of the game at the same difficulty level.

Not pictured is a TON of handwriting practice, violin practice, and a their work with the memorization boards.  We had a fun and productive day!  It felt great to be back to work!


  1. I missed seeing those smiling faces!

    The fraction game looks fun and interesting, a perfect way to improve those fractions skills.

    LOL. I heard that phrase "too many cooks in the kitchen" one too many times. I know exactly what your husband was saying:)

    Looks like you guys are starting the New Year off right.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a great day! We are not quite back to work and I think we really need to get back to it! Chirstmas was alot of fun, but we are ready for normal! I hope you all had a great and blessed Christmas!

  3. LOL! Love your comment about large families...How do we do it? We just do...let's see, I have 8 kids of my own with 6 still living at home. New Year's Eve I fed *17 kids* a big fancy meal (6 were mine, 3 of my son's friends slept over and 8 daycare kids - 4 of whom slept over) and then the next morning I brought 13 kids to church for the New Years Mass - the nine boys sat in my pew and the four girls sat a pew ahead of us - oh and we had our family New Years Eve party last Friday night and at one point I had 25 kids in my very small living room/kitchen. Our family motto is: You have to be crazy to stay sane! ;)