Friday, January 18, 2013

School Days

Here are a few selected works the boys did this week that were not featured in other posts.  Putting the "practical" in "practical life" Me Too learned how to cut his own fingernails.  

Me Too has moved on to the next level with the addition strip board.  This week he has been finding all the different ways to create each possible sum from 1-18.  Then he uses the commutative property to find duplicates (such as 2+3 and 3+2).  He removes whichever equation has the first addend of the highest value from the strip board.  Then he covers the unnecessary equation on the control chart with a blank ticket.  When he finishes this work I will show him control chart two.

One of Kal-El's words studies covered words in which the "w" in "wh" is silent (who, whom, whose, whole).  He also worked on the silent "k" in "kn" and the silent "w" in "wr."  Me Too worked on "tch."  

Both boys have finished their Handwriting Without Tears books.  Me Too is going to the orange "Kindergarten" level book again (I put on a new cover so he thinks it's new).  Kal-El was going to move on from the yellow "1st grade" book to the blue "2nd grade" book but the main difference is that they are asking for smaller handwriting.  Kal-El is not developmentally ready to write smaller at this time.  So, we began Writing with Ease instead.  We'll add HWT back in when he is ready.  In the photo above he is copying his first sentence from the WwE book.  I prefer to use HWT or Montessori paper rather than the style given on the workbook pages from WwE so I have written out his copywork on our own paper.  Me Too thought it looked neat so he did one too.

Kal-El started memorizing the country names with the South America puzzle and control.  He read the "South America" book in the continent box.  It is fun how the elementary mind changes.  He used to be mostly interested in the animals.  Now, with his burgeoning geography knowledge, he was more interested in the maps of rivers, landmarks, and landscapes.  He enjoyed telling me about how he could see the effects of the Sun at the Equator on the climate maps of South America.  He also told me about the effects of the mountains on temperature and talked about the role of the mountains in creating the desert on the opposite side from the coast.

Each boy has a special box for their collection of "sight words."  Kal-El keeps his in a Valentines' heart-shaped box.  He pulled all of those out today on his own and ran through them all (The only one he didn't know was "were").  That was on my list of things to do next week.  I can cross that off my list!  


  1. ooh I was thinking about Writing With Ease for DJ.

    I love practical life work as much as I love science kits. You always know how to incorporate those lessons right on time.

    Nice geography work too!

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. We love WWE here too! We are doing level 2 and it is a perfect fit. D loves reading and answering all the comprehension questions! Great work week at your place!