Thursday, February 28, 2013

Adjective Work Continues

This week the boys reviewed their previous work on the adjective and moved on to the grammar farm.

  We talked about "the noun family" and I showed them the noun family portraits above.
The first portrait is supposed to be somewhat indicative of the dependencies within the noun family while the second portrait demonstrates proper word order.

The boys had a lot of fun experimenting with word order using some prepared labels, objects, and the grammar symbols.

Me Too in particular really latched on to this work and played around with word order on his own for a long time.

It has been a couple of weeks since we started the adjective.  I told Kal-El that the next grammar work was going to be adjectives with the farm not knowing he "doesn't like" the farm.  As a result, he has been stalling.  I know that part of what he doesn't like about the farm is setting it up.  So, I set up the farm and laid the labels out on the table (so they could choose their noun-adjective pairs more easily) while they ate breakfast.  Kal-El started to pitch a little fit when he saw the farm so I told him that "this is Me Too's work but I want you to help him by labeling three objects when he starts."  Guess who wound up having a great time and labeling about seven objects?

Me Too on the other hand took to this work like a fish to water and spent about two hours labeling and re-labeling objects long after his brother moved on to other work.

When they were done they each chose three sentences to record in their language notebooks.  They also each drew a picture of the noun family (in Kal-El's work above you can kind of see the shadow of the noun family through the paper.  I took a picture but can't get my computer to read that memory card right now.).  Apparently everyone's favorite adjective right now is "cool" (grrr...) so above you see "the cool duck", "the cool superhero", and "the jerky pig."  "Jerky" is an adjective that my boys invented a few years ago to describe anything that makes them laugh.  They speak their own language sometimes.

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  1. Great Work!!! Love your farm!!!

  2. I get some of that ALL the time from the older children - they don't "want" to do it, but if I say "I need help checking this material I've just made" or "I think some pieces are missing - help me work through this" or "someone else needs help with this work and you know it so well!" --- they'll do it, and EVEN ENJOY IT ;) I find it hilarious every time ;)

  3. Wonderful work! You guys are definitely a lot of inspiration!!

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Love your farm. D is the same as Kal-el, she would not set the farm up by herself. She would work with it if I set it up, in fact any work that requires too much set up, she would not choose. Could be the drawback of a homeschool setting so to get the work started I always set up!

  5. The ultimate in grammar work - inventing your own adjectives!