Friday, February 1, 2013

School Days

As always, here are some glimpses of a few of our activities this week that were not featured in other posts.  The boys put together some "practical life" works for themselves this week.  In the photo above, Kal-El is cleaning a broken piece of a geode that he found while out exploring one day.

Both boys have been very busy making everyone necklaces lately.

I don't often post about it, but the boys work with the memorization boards every day.  In recent weeks Me Too has finished with the addition strip board.  He has moved on to the first finger board using control chart two.

This is a frequent site in the school room...dueling boards.  Kal-El is almost finished with the subtraction finger board.

Every week we do some kind of chemistry experiment.  We have almost finished all of the activities in their "magic science" kit.

Me Too likes to play the "money exchange game."  You can see Kal-El working with the dot game in the background.

Check out those addends!

Me Too counts his money VERY carefully.

He won!  This kid always seems to win games.

Kal-El has been very motivated to learn to read the treble clef.  He spent a lot of time with the various sets of notation cards this week including the cards above in which he reconstructs sentences.

Me Too studied some words constructed with multiple blends such as "strength."

Our classroom bookshelf is stuffed with astronomy books of late.  This is one of the books we read this week. Not a great book, but it prompted an experiment and kept them thinking about things.


  1. Ok, so I check my e-mail and this came in. I was just going to GLANCE and see the boys' great work (I wish I could get such great photos of Legoboy...) and then go get dinner.

    But I had to comment. I must be hungry! That geode looks like a brownie or a cake or a dessert of some sort and I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out why he was using a toothbrush on it! ;)

    Time for dinner...

  2. Ha! I think it looks like a hunk of meat :)

  3. Do you ever listen to They Might Be Giants songs with your boys? They have a few astronomy songs that might be helpful/interesting. I actually just posted about them on my blog because I think they are a great resource and a lot of people seem to be doing astronomy right now.

  4. Wow! Great week! I love that they get their own practical life work together! I find my girls are doing the same sometimes! Their math work is stunning too! They are rock stars!