Friday, February 8, 2013

School Days

As alway, here are some pictures of a few of our works from this week that weren't featured in other posts.  Kal-El has a fever today and vomited.  We are doing some Montessori work this morning, but it is alternated with resting on the couch.  Right now he's in the middle of a Power Rangers video.  

Me Too and I worked together on a side-by-side look at the teens and tens boards.  He is having trouble adhering to place value when a two digit number ENDS WITH the number "one."  For example:

I show him a "three" card
Me Too:  "three"

I show him a "ten" card
Me Too:  "ten"

I place the "three" over the "zero" of the ten
Me Too:  thirteen

I show him a "one" card
Me Too:  one

I show him a "thirty" card
Me Too:  thirty

I place the "one" over the "zero" of the thirty
Me Too:  thirteen

In fact, after we had built "12" and then "21" Me Too announced "Look Mom!  They're the same!"  So, we are painstakingly working our way through the boards side-by-side and building the numbers with beads focusing on the fact that they are NOT the same and on place value.

Kal-El in the "All About Spelling" corner.

One of Kal-El's word studies this week was "silent 'u' after 'g'." This includes words like "guess" and "guy."  We also covered words that end in "ue" like "plague."  Above is a sentence to picture match that he finished this morning using those words.

We were reviewing shapes in the geometric cabinet this week.  We have handled this in primary, but are now talking about this in an expanded way.  One day we talked about the idea of a "polygon" and you can see we brought out the triangle and square as examples of regular polygons that have fewer sides than the polygons in the polygon drawer.  Above Kal-El has matched labels to all of the regular polygons.  Below he has covered the naming labels with etymology labels such as "Greek.  Penta means five.  Gon means corner."


  1. Nice Work, it{s me or Kal-El looks sooo big today??? wow!!, Big princess was in the review of the geo trays too!! So nice!! Love Me too works!!! Thanks for share it!!

  2. May I ask where you got the Geometric Labels and Definitions from? Excellent extension for older children!

  3. I remember that we went through a phase like that of Me-too's at our place too. We worked though it using the Large Number cards and the Golden Bead materials, building numbers in both the beads and the cards and emphasizing place value. A few days of that and she finally got it! So hang in there, it will be over soon! Hope Kal-el feels better soon, we just got over two sick weeks!

  4. MttP,

    Thanks! Oddly he NEVER has this problem with the large number cards and golden beads. We do those every day. The problem ONLY rears its head when he is reading already printed numbers, particularly in a group of other numbers. It's like he is trained to remember place value when he sees the large number cards but forgets all about it when he is doing anything else.

  5. Sandpaper Letters,

    They are part of a much larger kit of materials from ETC Montessori, the 1st level Geometry Task Cards:

    We also own the second and third level set:

  6. Thank you Karen!

    They are both growing very fast!