Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Geometry "Command Sheet"

In the photo above Kal-El is drawing an acute isosceles triangle!  This is one of the "Geometric Shapes Worksheets" that came in the Geometry Bundle from the Montessori Print Shop.  The MPS "worksheets" are really "command cards" that provide the paper (you know how the command cards say things like "get a piece of paper and draw an acute isosceles triangle) so I am calling them "command sheets" over here.  Kal-El needs lots of practice drawing and using the ruler so it doesn't hurt to have both the command cards and the sheets on the shelf.  I simply printed off a stack of the sheets and put them on the shelf.  He found them and completed one on his own with nary a word from me!

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  1. I need to get the command cards, we are working on angles too! Oh wait.... I might win the giveaway!