Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Logical Adjective Game

Today the boys played the "logical adjective game."  The online Montessori Primary Guide has a pretty good presentation.  The presentation (as I understood it) in the Montessori R&D manual was NOT FUN.  Thank goodness I "played the game" before I presented it to the kids.

The boys used our box of small wooden grammar symbols with this work.  They also chose a couple of adjective/noun pairs to record in their language binders.

The Montessori R&D album lists 100+ nouns and adjectives to use in the logical adjective game.  The 15 pairs provided in the set I used were plenty for our purposes.  Kal-El only wanted to play the game once.  Me Too played it with me a few times.  Anna, the brilliant blogger over at The Broad Stair, was kind enough to share her grammar files with me and these cards were among them.  (Thank you!) The Montessori Print Shop has a printable set of 72 cards for about $2.50.  

Speaking of the Montessori Print Shop...Have you entered the giveaway yet?  If you haven't, skedaddle on over to the giveaway post.  If you have, don't forget there are opportunities to enter daily!


  1. I tried the link for the Montessori Primary Guide, and it goes to the giveaway post - is that right? I would love to find out more about how to present this - my children love ANYTHING that I can put the word 'game' with :)

  2. I looked at the photo so fast, I truly thought it said "crying apple" and I thought, "Hm, Now that is clever, I wonder which boy came up with that combination and what is justification was?" Then I realized, it's time for me to get off the computer ;) hehe.

    I both love and hate this particular game - it is great fun, but sometimes, with some children I cringe to think what combinations they are going to insist are totally right and make perfect sense! Perhaps that's because the first time I ever did it, the person who'd made the cards (not me that time) didn't realize how the material would be used, and some of the combinations were, well, memorable. ;)

  3. Amy,

    The link is fixed. Sorry about that. Sometimes the link fails to "copy" and then it pastes whatever I copied previously. I put so many links in I don't always check.


    Me Too was particularly fond of "barking baby" but definitely knew it wasn't logical, LOL!

  4. Thanks so much! I understand completely, and appreciate you letting me know! Looking forward to learning about this one...

  5. We LOVE THIS ONE!! Its soo fun, we also made it, with little objects, handwrite black strips, and the logical and fun adjective!! you can try its fun!! Hugs!