Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Montessori Grammar: The Adjective, cont.,

The boys have NOT been interested in choosing grammar work lately.  Boo.  I was able to trick them into doing the "One Noun, Many Adjectives" work this week.  Me Too (acting out the adjective "wide" above) has started to get really excited about the fact that he will be an official cub scout in the fall.  Kal-El helped him choose clothes from his closet that he, an official cub scout, deemed "official enough" to pass as a uniform.  He is also wearing his older cousins bear/wolf regalia around the house....a LOT.

Kal-El likes to wear his uniform when he works in the school room.  He says it is his "lucky uniform" and that "all the work is extra easy" when he wears it.

I have to say that not every adjective wound up with the noun *I* would have chosen and not every adjective in our set was appropriate for their vocabulary knowledge.  They did give them an opportunity to learn a few new words and phrases.  The boys didn't know that air could be "biting" or that a road could be "impassable" for example.  However, I should have paid attention to the words more closely when I cut them out because even I couldn't decide whether "sultry" should go with "rose" or "air" and didn't care to define the word for them, LOL!

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