Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

Here is Me Too, ringing the school bell to celebrate the start of one of his work sessions this week (you can read a little more about the bell in the FAQ's Question 4).  As always, at the end of the week I have a few fun pictures left over that weren't featured in other posts.

It's always fun to find a drawing lying around your house in a random place (like the family room carpet) and realize it's a partial drawing of the noun family.

Me Too at work in his basement workshop.

The boys have spent a lot of time with our continent boxes the last two weeks.  The boys have never really worked much with the North America box.  This is mainly because I never could seem to make an executive decision about what to put IN it.  I've collected a full banker's box full of items that relate to North and Central America. But I was always paralyzed by the fact that the Central American items I have are so similar to what was in the South America box that it almost makes more sense to create a "Latin American" box and put Central and South America together.  I had even painted a box with orange and pink stripes at one point to make a separate Central America box.  However, without the Central American items the North America box feels overwhelmingly about the U.S. (we have a LOT for the U.S. for obvious reasons).  I think I have finally solved the dilemma, ultimately deciding that the U.S., not Central America, should receive it's own box just as it is common for a Montessori classroom to have a separate map for the childrens' own country.  I should be able to add North America to the continent box page soon!  The U.S. items probably won't see much daylight until we dig into the 50 states.

So, we have been digging into my cache of items from Central America in earnest.  I have visited many of the countries of Central America and the surrounding islands and have been collecting little things whenever we visit.  In the photos above the boys were enjoying a knife my husband bought in Costa Rica.

Kal-El can't get enough of his atlas.  Much like how he felt about the Bible, Me Too wants his OWN.

Me Too really likes building small addition equations with manipulatives.  He even likes to pick the ones he's having trouble remembering when he does the addition boards for extra practice.

He pulls this work out A LOT on his own.

Kal-El is still plugging away at the addition of fractions.

Happy learning!

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  1. I know what you mean about having a lot of stuff for your home country. I ended up creating a separarate UK box - it's kept apart from the Continents area and has a Union Jack on the top. It means we can focus on some of the things my daughter has asked about - monarchy, parliament, flag, countries that make up the islands versus countries that are part of the union etc. We use real currency in the maths area and a few things kept in History, but it is something she goes to quite a lot. I'd imagine there is even more for the US because of the distinctiveness of so many of the states.

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