Thursday, April 11, 2013

He Finished!

He finished!  In the photo above, Kal-el is placing the last number tiles on his last subtraction board.  He is SO excited to start the multiplication memorization work!  I was up late tonight setting up the decanomial bead bar box so he can start multiplication with the bead bars tomorrow.  Today was all about "finishing" I guess.  He also finished the last drawer of fraction addition with like denominators, the last addition equations in the "multiple addends" drawer, and the last packet of Karen Tyler addition story problems.  He also, for the first time, demonstrated mastery of ALL of the addition flashcards with sums from 1-18 at breakfast.  I spent some time Monday night preparing five word studies from "The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading."  He asked to do one today and did all five.  He kept asking "do you have any more?"  

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  1. I love those kind of days - they feel so "accomplished" (even though I know the other days are usually just as good, it just "feels" better to see lots of finished up at once ;) ).