Monday, April 8, 2013

School Day

Welcome back from spring break!  The boys asked if they could "ease back in" with a "nice easy day."  (I think that is code for "let's not use the work plan today."  Me Too started the first game with the FINAL addition board.  He pulls an equation out of his collection, thinks of the sum in his head, finds the wooden square with that sum on it, places the sum on the addition board, writes the equation in his addition book (some albums have you skip this step), and checks the sums against the control board whenever he reaches the end of a page.

Kal-El started the last game with the FINAL subtraction board.  He lays all the stamps face up in columns of the same denomination.  He selects a remainder column.  Then, he makes up the nine possible subtraction equations to satisfy the remainder, places the remainders on the board, records the equations in his notebook, and checks the equations against the control board whenever he fills a page in the notebook.

The boys also did a TON of geology work today with rocks and minerals.  I was buried under encyclopedias, books about rocks, and rock samples as they did this work.  I hope to take some photographs and tell you about what they did later on.  They ended their work session today with a big rock collecting hunt outdoors.  Both boys are interested in revisiting the rocks and minerals section of our local museum again ASAP and have asked for  a "going out" to a rock shop.


  1. Hi MBT! So nice that in a "easy" start they choose math!!! Sooooo cool! I cant wait to see the geology work!! Big hugs¡,!

  2. Like this post - I am 'testing' my Hoss (which means I am watching him more than he realizes) to make sure that all the addition and subtraction facts are solid in his head, and seeing Kal-El work with the subtraction board and how he used it was very helpful to me! :) Glad you enjoyed a Spring Break! What kinds of rocks/minerals books do you find most helpful? My Hoss has recently found a small fascination with them, and I want to be ready in case it gets stronger...

  3. Gald you are back! It looks like their easy day was amazing! Great work! I cant wait to hear more! Happy Schooling!