Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Addition Snake Game

child working Montessori addition snake game

Me Too has been working with the addition snake game.  You may remember my post on the two styles of the snake game and their two positions in the addition memorization sequence.  In our home we do it in both places.  The first time, at the beginning of the memorization sequence, the child counts each bead on the bars individually with a counter and the game serves as a sensorial introduction to the addition facts.  The second time, at the end of the memorization sequence, the game serves as a celebration of the now-learned facts and a review for the subtraction snake game that is about to begin the subtraction memorization sequence.  This second time the child does not count the beads individually but pulls forward two bars at a time creating an equation that he can answer.

child with Montessori addition snake game and a very long snake

Me Too likes to create VERY LARGE snakes.

He is spending most of his remaining hours in the day trying to get his very loose tooth out.


  1. I love how you captured the moment of Me Too's tooth pulling. It is pretty exciting time.

    I was wondering if you know a good resource for how the subtraction and Elementary Negative Addition stamp games are presented.

    The snake game is one my favorite Montessori math works.

  2. following this.... I am interested in the answer to the previously asked question as well :)
    (aren't I always interested??? lol)

  3. Well...I don't know what an "elementary negative addition stamp" game is so I can't really help there. That just sounds like the name of four different works smashed together.

    I am going to assume we are talking about the "subtraction snake game" because that is the game that Me Too is getting ready for as he works in the PRIMARY Montessori math album. The "negative snake game" is an ELEMENTARY game that is played to learn about negative numbers. It is on page 399 of my elementary album that we haven't even used yet so I won't be talking about that one for a while :)

    The "subtraction snake game" however is covered in every one of the primary math albums I have. I strongly believe that one cannot implement a traditional Montessori scope and sequence of activities without albums. It worries me that people are trying to put together these works just by reading blogs. Everyone needs some albums. However you don't need to SPEND MONEY to get albums. That's why I always say you "don't need to buy albums." Because you DON'T need to buy them. You can get them for free :) There are also a few inexpensive resources you can buy that will SERVE AS albums that aren't traditional albums...Gettman (but only good through about age five, if you are going to continue you need albums) and Bowman's Montessori at Home (if you are okay with doing "Montessori Lite.") But, if you are going to do ALL of the traditional Montessori math activities you have to have an album. The Montessori by Hand AMI albums that are available for free through the Yahoo! group of the same name are AMAZING. Did I mention they are FREE? The instructions for the subtraction snake game are in there :)

    If you are in a pinch and can't access your Montessori by Hand albums for some reason you can get instructions for activities from the AMI Primary Guide. Here is the page for the subtraction snake game: http://www.infomontessori.com/mathematics/tables-of-arithmetic-substraction-snake-game.htm

    The AMI primary guide isn't a complete set of albums...it is like albums with all the "extra pages" (theory, philosophy, tips...) removed and just the presentation pages left over. I highly prefer the MBH albums.

    1. I would also add to that, if you need to SEE someone play the game I recommend subscribing to the Montessori Live video library.