Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Field Trip: 19th Century Farm

Today we visited a working farm where things are done as they would have been in the 19th century. The boys were allowed to help with chores for something like five hours and they loved it.  They both can be quoted as saying "I love farm chores."  Kal-El said that he wishes that we lived on a 200-year-old farm so that our whole family would be at home all day working together.  He says any kind of work is okay when you are doing it together with your family.  I asked him if that includes shoveling feces (to unromanticize his impression of farm chores) and he said, "It wouldn't be my favorite, but I would do it."  In the photo above they are fabricating a wooden peg for a wagon wheel.

Doing the laundry was one of their favorite chores of the day.

 I think they have a new appreciation for keeping their clothes clean.

Me Too loved hanging the laundry.  He even loved it more that I used to do this chore occasionally as a child and that my mother had a similar clothespin bag.  It is sad that I don't even have a clothes line now.

Me Too winding sisal twine into rope.  I have to double check, but I'm pretty sure Kal-El said that this was his favorite activity of the day.

Playing 19th-century children's games and enjoying the shade.

Grinding rye into flour.  The children were given name tags with common 19th-century names on them and the story of a child by that name.  Me Too was assigned "Henry."

Splitting wood.

Shaving wood into roofing shingles.

Putting on wooden shoes before entering the hen house to look for eggs.  No farmer wants what's on the floor of the hen house tracked into his own house.

Me Too was very adamant that his favorite chore of the day was washing dishes.

Kal-El scrubbed and Me Too rinsed.  Kal-El has been asking to take over washing the dishes at our house.  Today he suggested that we discontinue using the dishwasher and do dishes like this from now on.


  1. I was hoping you would post about our trip!!! :) It looks like the boys had a TON of fun! We have made a trip before to a farm, but it has been many many moons - we need to go again. That is neat that you found a farm that still works the old fashioned way - I wouldn't know where to find one where we live :)

  2. Where was that farm? lokks amazing!!!!

  3. I love how they view their work! What a fantastic trip, very hands on. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Funny about wanting to stop using the dishwasher. We don't use one around here. Although I was using it as a drying rack, that even stopped after it got clogged and all the drips were building up in to icky water at the bottom. Now that I just wash and dry by hand, my girls absolutely love to help me do this. They always make their way into the kitchen when I do dishes and ask if they can help. It's really very sweet. I presume they will do the same once we stop using our dryer and get the line up in the backyard. Maria Montessori was so right about the value in working with our hands and not shortcutting things. I think I want to get a child's washboard now!! Thanks for this post, it's nice to be reminded of these things. Glad your boys had such a good time too!

  5. So much fun! I love trips like this! It makes me want to head out to ours again soon!