Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Free Download: Compound Word Dominoes

We followed up yesterday's compound word key experience with a domino game that I made.  You can print a copy for yourself by clicking the link that follows:

It is in Google Docs which won't let me do fancy things like make some of the lines dotted so that you know where to cut.  You'll have to look carefully before you cut. You will wind up with a total of ten dominoes.

I don't usually make two of anything for the school room, but this was so easy to make I gave each of the boys their own envelope of dominoes.

The object is to match up the dominoes so that the second object in one creates a compound word with the first object on the next.

 click on picture to enlarge

When you are done you will have one long chain, train, or snake of dominoes as in the picture below.

 click on picture to enlarge

Note:  I have edited the file to remove "pencilbox" and replace it with "moonlight" due to regional differences in whether people use the open, closed or hyphenated form of the compound.



  1. Is pencil box a compound word?

    1. Technically, yes. However, since here in the U.S. we usually use this compound form in its open form and the rest of the examples were closed form I am going to replace it on the download right now. I followed a recommended "train" word list from a teacher website. It was part of the train and I didn't think twice about it.

    2. It can acceptably be used in its closed form though.

  2. These look like a ton of fun! :) We will have to print these out and use them!