Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Free Online Montessori Elementary Album Supplement

If you haven't discovered Pine Green Woods you need to go take a peek.

I don't know exactly what to call this website.  They aren't quite albums, but they aren't NOT albums either...  Maybe I'll call it an album companion?  Click here to view the table of contents.  There is a section of the website for each Montessori Album category (AMI groupings) and the contents follow the materials and contents of the AMI albums I use almost exactly.  There are very large, beautiful images for each topic and most of the key lessons and stories seem to be provided.  There are images and text for materials that are otherwise hard to find such as "Who am I" plant stories  in botany or the "Body Functions" work in zoology.  Below is an example of part of the Body Functions work.  It is completely the work of Pine Green Woods.  I included it as an example here to show you how beautiful the site is and get you over there!


They move by means of fins,
which are limbs adapted by swimming. 

  They have inner skeletons 
made of cartilage or bone.

 Their bodies have scales.

   Their hearts are divided
into two chambers.

  They breathe with gills.

    Their young develop inside
jelly-coated eggs.

 -Pinegreenwoods Montessori
Montessori Zoology

This website might be great for the family who has decided not to make as many materials, particularly card sets that might not see a lot of use.  One could replace having all of the impressionistic charts and card sets printed particularly if you are using a tablet because you could read the stories to the child and use the big photographs right off of the tablet.

There are too many wonderful things on this site to mention, but one interesting thing is that there are three different illustrated stories offered for the First Great Lesson.  The Cultivating Dharma history album has a Second Great Lesson option like these offered for families who aren't purchasing the expensive timelines or printing materials...it's really a read-through illustrated version of the story to share directly with the child like reading a book.  These pages remind me of that.

There are a lot of ideas provided here that you could use to make your own printed materials.  Again, the plant stories are an example... there are very few examples available of what plants are often included and how the stories read.  This website has a full set!  I hope to use this website in the classroom and also to help me know how to make some actual materials to have on the shelf.



  1. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to perusing their site later! :)

    1. I keep going back again and again. It was so nice to SEE what some of the card materials might say.

  2. That is a really neat site!

    I would call it something like a support website (like the support albums). :)

    Interesting that I too see the correlation with AMI, then they have the pink/blue/green for language. Odd.

    The images are truly gorgeous! Did you see the constellations cards? wow!

    I can't seem to find an about us page on there - did you find it by any chance?

    1. Jessica, I looked ALL OVER that site and couldn't find any "about" information. I decided it's by a Montessori fairy godmother.

      I was surprised to see PBG too.

  3. Wow, what a treasure trove! Thanks so much, Andrea!

  4. Hi Andrea, I shared this on "Saturday Shout Outs!":