Monday, September 9, 2013

Word Study: Compound Words, Key Presentation

Me Too, Kal-El, and I started work on compound words this week.  We are really doing these presentations for our "new elementary student" this year (Me Too).  I never did the word study presentations out of the albums with Kal-El because he had already picked up those concepts in the course of his reading work and spelling work when he was still in primary.  However, a little review never hurt and Me Too sure appreciated the help.  

Me Too doesn't abstract the same things that Kal-El does (and vice-versa) and this hands-on presentation was exactly what he needed.  I used the presentation from the Cultivating Dharma Language album.  It was very step-by-step with beautiful thinking required.  

I like to have blank, laminated label cards on hand for every part of speech so I can just fill them in for any exercise I wish rather than make special cards every time we want to use labels.  I write on them with a dry erase marker.   The presentation has you write some of these out right in front of the child (no prep!  yea!).  As always, you can click on any of my photos and they will enlarge so you can read the cards.  The cards have root words on them like "butter," "fly," "basket," and "ball. I showed the boys one or two examples in which I matched objects to root words and then slid the root word cards together to create a compound word that corresponds to yet a third object.  Afterward, Me Too an Kal-El took turns matching a root word from the left-hand column with a root word from the right-hand column to create a logical compound word.  Without prompting, Kal-El always intentionally chose word-pairs he could see Me Too wasn't understanding.  This worked out well because all the pairs were successfully matched without Me Too getting upset and feeling foolish.

You always see this done with miniature objects.  I was able to pull most of what I needed from our miniatures collection.  Just as with the sound bins and object boxes in primary, I don't feel limited to miniatures at home.  Miniature objects are compelling, but at home we don't always have every miniature we need but we have plenty of full-sized items!  Wait until you see some of the close-ups!

I wrote out a lot of the compound word cards while the kids looked for the object they needed, but Me Too preferred to write his own.  He really can't write small enough to use a dry erase marker on such a small card correctly so I rewrote most of them before we took pictures.  You'll see what I mean because I missed "eggplant" in one of the photos.

I wrote cards that said "root" and "compound" and used them to label our columns.

I made "lips" quickly out of playdoh while the kids ate breakfast.  We only have one houseplant in the house for "plant."  You can see Me Too's attempt at writing "eggplant" on that tiny little card.  Most of the cards have black around the edges because I used noun cards.  I ran out so some of the cards are just white.  They were larger though, which Me Too really needed.

I really wanted to do "cupcake" but I didn't have any cake in the house...imitation or real, large or small.  We did have a Trader Joe's Apricot and Almond Tart that I pulled out of the kitchen and just told the kids "today this is cake."

As you can see, this wound up being a rather large work.  It doesn't have to be.  A sane person might have stopped collecting objects from around the house after about a third of what I did but I was on a roll.  By the way, I used a googly, wiggle eye from our craft closet for "eye" but that object and part of the "horse" got cut off when I cropped the picture to get my foot out of the photo.  You win some, you lose some.

I have several more great Compound Word activities planned for this week and will be sure to share.  The Cultivating Dharma album has six or seven fun follow-up suggestions.  I found two I liked even better so stay tuned!

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