Monday, October 14, 2013

Botany: Parts of a Leaf

Me Too is showing a off a great big leaf from a Catalpa tree.  We all went on a big hike looking for different kinds of leaves.  We were happy to bring back (among others) a big Catalpa leaf for our live specimen to use during our review of the parts of the leaf.  

The boys made some beautiful leaf rubbings in fall colors.  This was a great time to observe the venation.  

Kal-El made the connection between the veins of the leaf and the veins in his wrists.

I taped a "Parts of a Leaf" control booklet up on the patio doors for the week.

The boys each made their own booklet.

I also gave the "Leaf as Factory" presentation with the impressionistic chart I made

We also used some of the other impressionistic charts for botany last week and have more activities we're doing this week on this topic.  Be sure to check back!


  1. That catalpa leaf is awesome! (and I've already told you I love your leaf chart!)

    We too are getting back into botany - but for the opposite end of the spectrum - now that the sun is more present in our south-facing window, we can grow more seedlings. We can't grow much in the summertime (maintain strong plants, but not actually grow them).


    1. Just wait until you see the seed pods from that tree! Amazing!

  2. Wow!! I LOVE YOU IMPRESSIONISTIC CHART!!! LOVE IT!! You are an artist!!!! We really enjoy this unit!!!


    1. Aww...thanks Karen :) I guess I just needed to find the right medium. I sure DIDN'T feel like an artist when I tried doing it with colored pencils three times in a row and had to throw them all out.