Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIvision Dance

Today Kal-El finished the last game on the last multiplication memorization board.  He was super excited  because he knew that it meant that he could not only start the division boards, but that he would do a new kind of division with the golden beads (Montessori R&D calls it "decurian" division, but I've never seen or heard it called that anywhere else and nothing related seems to come up when I Google the word "decurian".  I'll assume they made it up.  In that case, one might call it "division with a two-digit divisor."  However, in your AMI albums this will be called "Division with Bows.").

Anyway, Kal-El was so excited that he jumped up when he finished the board and said, "Check it out Mom!  I'm going to do a division dance!"  I had the camera in hand, so you too are about to be treated to a slideshow of his "division dance."


(Note:  The slideshow will appear immediately below.  It took a few seconds to appear on my computer.)

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