Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fraction Dice

Me Too had some fun with the Fraction Dice this week.  He practiced building fraction by rolling the die and then building that fraction with the fraction circles.


  1. Hello. I love the montessori way of learning! I'm just becoming familiar with it. Your blog is very informative. I have an autistic, very bright, 1st grader, who does not like math. I saw some very interesting things in your past posts that may help. Love the huge blocks made out boxes and pizza carton. Question, any good ideas on helping to really grasp place value of tens and ones? For some reason this concept escapes him...what books would you recommend to 1st time homeschooling mom wanting to learn more about this approach and incorporate it into our schooling? Thank you for any help/advice!

  2. Anon...I wrote you a HUGE reply and accidentally lost it. I will try again later!

  3. This looks like fun! We have used dice with our Stamp game when my son doesnt want to make up his own equations and he enjoys it. I think he would enjoy these dice as well. Thanks