Wednesday, October 9, 2013

School Days

I have just a couple of moments photographed so far this week.  It is probably going to be pretty quiet on the blog and/or smaller posts because this week is probably our busiest week of the year.  We will have a lot to show you next week.  Me Too (above) has been chugging away on fractions, the first subtraction finger board, and the stamp game.

Kal-El has been learning to use the large bead frame paper.  Normally his "ninja headband" is up on his forehead, not down below his nose.  That doesn't look comfortable.  Monday they did their work dressed as Wolverine and the Blue Power Ranger.  You never know what you're going to see around here.

Here is a closer look at the large bead frame paper.  It took two pages to count his way through the whole frame.  This was the presentation in which you add the zeroes at the end in red pencil.

There are a lot of places to get free large bead frame paper.  Ours is from Liveable Learning.


  1. This is great! Kal-El is just chugging away at the early math work. The same thing goes on at my house... except it is all about the ninjas here! LOL!

  2. Your boys are growing up and looking handsome as ever! I absolutely love all the math work and postings you guys have been sharing. Thank you!