Sunday, October 27, 2013

What DID We Do All Weekend?

Here are my three happy guys at their recent cub scouts camping weekend.  There are not nearly enough opportunities for "boys to be boys" anymore.  A lot of people mistake running around being loud, occasionally breaking things, and generally being rude for "boys being boys."  THIS is what constitutes "boys being boys" around here:  building things, shooting things, not bathing for a few days, eating stinky beef jerky, telling funny jokes (full of "boys only" bodily function humor), and probably many other things I DON'T know about to report because I am a GIRL!

The boys each built their own toolbox!

They are big and heavy. The boys told me that they are made for "real 'man' tools."

I helped the boys make the bottle rockets at home and they shot them at the campout.  Speaking of shooting things...

BB guns...

Bow and arrow...

They had smores.  Both kids had roles in a skit.  If it hadn't been for the weather, it would have been all fantastic.

It stormed ALL weekend.  Many families were flooded out and went home after the first night.  This is a photo my husband took of the several inches of water surrounding their tent and submerging his foot (before he moved it to higher ground).  My men made it through both nights.  I was at home peeling wallpaper.  I couldn't hear the phone but got a message from the boys on the machine.  They were in the tent during a storm.  Immediately following a HUGE crack of thunder Me Too shouted "Call Mommy RIGHT NOW!"  So, my husband called me on his cell he had reception I don't understand.  I have a panicked message from Me Too, "Mommy!  Daddy took us camping in a thunderstorm and there is lightening and thunder.  Our tent will probably start on fire."  Kal-El can be heard in the background complaining, "This is the WORST day of my life!"

As soon as he could wiggle out of the car, Me Too jumped into my arms to tell me how much he missed me and how good it was to be home.


  1. I love this post! So many great photos of your boys having fun. I love what you wrote about "boys being boys" I totally agree. Sometimes boys may need more guidance to focus their energies on something productive. Those toolboxes are awesome! And I am sure they had a blast with the bb guns and archery. My son got to do both at a cub scout camp this past summer and still talks about it.
    I have to admit that I cracked up at the phone call quotes! Little boys can be so silly sometimes. I can see my son saying exactly the same thing. I'm glad they survived the storm and that last pic is so sweet!

  2. lovely post and photos . I love reading about your boys and what they do . great inspiration . i copy many of your activities for my own . the toolbox is featured on knock off wood site with free plan as part of diy christmas presents project if other readers like to do it with their kids . Ok down here at the other side of the world we have no choice walking around shops , did you buy your kids their own archery set ?? my kids have been asking for it for a while but i have no idea what to look for and i can use recommendations from a mama like you xxx maybe a post on boys favorite toys and a christmas shopping list :) blessings viv