Monday, November 4, 2013

2013 Homeschool Blog Awards


I feel so blessed today to discover that I have been nominated for the Homeschool Blog Awards at the HSBA Post.  This year you will find me in the Best Homeschool Methods category.  I've never won before, but last year I placed in the top ten for this category so I'm hoping that this year is my year! Fourth times a charm? The prizes are fantastic and it would be great to take some home.

You can vote once per day in each category.  The polls are open RIGHT NOW and I would LOVE it if you could take the time to go vote for me.

On the HSBA website, clicking on my blog name does NOT vote for me.  You need to click on the dot in front of my blog name and then click the word "vote" at the bottom of the page.  It turns out my husband's votes for the first two days didn't count because he was just clicking on the blog name.  Boo.


  1. I just voted for you! Did you know they have your homeschool method listed as "unspecified"? I wonder if they could fix that.

  2. I'm voting voting voting for you :)

  3. So happy for You MBT! CongratulAtions!,! Im goint to vote for you! Hugs!