Thursday, November 21, 2013

BC/AD Timeline

BC/AD Timeline

I presented the BC/AD timeline to the boys earlier this week.  You can read about the BC/AD timeline I made here.  I chose the style of my timeline from the Keys of the Universe History Album and followed the presentation there as well.  

Note:  The zero on this timeline does not represent a year.  Here is a portion of the script for this timeline from the KotU album:

“Look at our red zero on this time line. This indicates the central point.” 
“Now notice all the time before that event. Those years are followed by the letters B.C.
These letters stand for the words ‘before Christ’. There were thousands of years (we don’t
know how many!) before that event happened, but on our timeline here we are just listing two thousand of them.”


  1. Have you ever seen Adams chart of History? Very cool.

    1. We own both the Adam's chart AND the Big Book of History ( The BB of H is more accessible than the Adam's chart and we will likely use it soon. I'm going to wait on the Adam's, very cool and VERY DENSE with information in a difficult font.

      Here's a link to some images of the Adam's if anyone reads this comment and wants to see a sample: