Tuesday, November 12, 2013

School Days

Welcome to another "school days" post!  Here are some fun shots that I snapped as the boys worked this past week.

Me Too practicing skip counting.  The blindfold was his idea.  He kept catching himself "cheating" and he was trying to recite the counting without peeking.

He followed work with the chains with a coordinating game of Speed!.

Kal-El has been choosing "division with bows" almost every day.  He has completed the work with up to four ninjas of each color thus far.

Me Too love, love, loves the stamp game.  He learned dynamic addition this week.

Here Me Too is showing his cousin how he notates music on staff paper. He doesn't do it correctly, but had fun showing her nonetheless.

Me Too has been going through a "handwriting boot camp" of sorts with me.  You can read more about "why" in the comment section of my last "School Days" post.  

I need to write a separate post about this, but the boys have been doing a lot of Montessori-style music work using rhythm cards. I hope to post about that later this week.  They love doing this work with the instruments in our rhythm instrument basket.

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