Thursday, November 7, 2013

Verb, Day Two: Transposition

Tuesday (?) I gave the boys the second presentation for "the verb" in Montessori Grammar.  It helped them understand the function of the verb, the correct order of words in commands, and the relationship of the verb to the noun family.

Following the instructions in the Montessori R&D album, I wrote the command "Open the door" on a slip of paper.  Me Too performed the command and Kal-El put the wooden grammar symbols above each word.  

Me Too cut the words apart and the boys worked together to transpose the words into all the possibilities.  We talked about which ones made sense, which didn't, and which ones made sense but changed the function of individual words.  Here are a couple of their transpositions:

We repeated the process two more times, each child wrote one of the phrases.  Kal-El wrote, "The yellow goldfish swims."  Here is a picture of Me Too's:

He was watching the maple tree in our front yard blow in the wind when he wrote it.  The leaves are yellow right now.

Afterward, they wrote sentences on our grammar paper, labeled the words with the grammar symbol stencil and colored pencils, and stowed the work in their language binders.  Me Too wrote "The last ninja flies."  That kid's sentences are just crying out for prepositional phrases.  It's a good thing those are next.

 Kal-El wrote, "The red ranger battles the monster.  The monster explodes."  He said, "Mom!  That's practically a paragraph!"

In the interest of recording the days work, commands, they really should have written commands for their binders.  I guess I wasn't specific enough.  Oh well, there's always next time.

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  1. Seriously love the outfits while studying grammar. Where did you get your grammar symbol stencil? I got ours from Alison's I think, and it is no where near as large as yours.

    I also noticed that you don't add all the grammar solids to the tray in the beginning, just the ones that they are learning or already know. I guess if they were interested in what came next, they'd ask you about the other symbols in the box... :)

    Oh, I should ask you, do the boys ask you for new grammar lessons, or other activities they can do to explore these concepts more? Or do you feel at all like you are leading them through, for example, when they seem to put down the work, it may be time to introduce the next piece?

    I don't know which way T will go on this one. He loves reading, but has some speech processing issues which makes formulating responses difficult for him. His speech therapist has been going over many of the grammar lessons with him, not in the Montessori way, but because that is what his age group should be able to understand, per-traditional school standards I'd like to think. Like, we use adjectives to further describe the object/thing we are talking about...I've read that Montessori philosophy encourages children to learn language, spoken and written as it is before overlaying the particulars of grammar. I am wondering if in T's case, some grammar might help him organize what is going on in his head and help him choose the words he needs to formulate accurate responses...

    Nevertheless, I am reading through Cultivating Dharma right this moment and am mapping out some more grammar lessons for the remainder of the calendar we will be doing this soon too, though just with T.

    1. I made the grammar symbol stencil. Bought blank stencil at the craft store, traced the wooden grammar symbols that we already have onto the stencil and cut them out with a utility knife.

      I don't add all the grammar solids to create "suspense" and "mystery." They are DYING to know what comes next and are eager to do lessons to find out. They get REALLY excited when I add a new symbol. In fact, I'll add it while their in bed and then one of them will notice it during school the next day. "A new grammar symbol!!!!!"

      It is definitely a 50/50 combo of them asking for new presentations and me instigating them. Many, many times every day one will ask something like "can you show me the next thing in fractions?" or "Can we do some chemistry?" Kal-El asked for a grammar presentation every day this week. Other times they haven't happened to choose something for a while and I'll kick start things by saying, "I have something new to show you about XYZ." Other times they don't WANT to do something and I am the queen of getting them to accept a presentation anyway. Sometimes it lights a fire, which is why I keep trying. In fact, it was like pulling teeth to get Kal-El to accept the first grammar presentation this year but since I presented he hasn't wanted to stop. Other times, like last year, I'll present one once in a while and it just doesn't take off. I figure it will either stay slow forever and we'll get done when we get done. Or, I'll eventually accidentally hit upon the sensitive period and it will take off.

      So much of the work in grammar is cyclical. R&D marks many many of the presentations as annual. So, if he can only do them at a superficial level this year it will just be a leg up on next year.

  2. I just love grammar!!!! I love super heros too!!!LOl They did an amazing job!!! Go Montessori!!lol