Thursday, November 14, 2013

What DOES the Fox Say? (The Verb: IV. Correct Expression)

Montessori verb activity animals and their sounds

I have a confession to make.  Yes, we did the traditional lesson, "The Verb:  Correct Expression" from the Montessori R&D albums.  However, I must admit that I began our presentation with a viewing of the video "What Does the Fox Say."

This question was driving my mother nuts so she did a little research and directed us to a Wired magazine article that has links to audio files of various foxes making their foxy noises.  Thanks Mom.  Also, thanks to my sister for infecting my household with this song by passing the link on to us.  

animals and their sounds Montessori verb

I hand wrote my cards from the list in the Montessori R&D album.  In case your are curious, according to MRD the fox barks.

animals and their sounds Montessori verb

The boys automatically adjusted this work to different levels of difficulty for themselves.  Me Too chose to lay out all of the control cards, read them, and then find them matching animal and sound cards.  He found reading words like "pigeon" to be enough of a challenge at this time.

Kal-El wanted more of a challenge.  He matched the animals and sounds first and then checked his work with the control cards.

MRD recommends giving the child about fifteen animals at a time but list 41.  I split the animals into three envelopes and the boys repeated the work for three days until they finished all of the envelopes.

This work is often done in Montessori primary as well.  The work is then called "Animals and their Sounds" and have not usually seen the grammar aspect in play at that stage.  In elementary we emphasize that the animal is a noun and the sound is a verb.  The sounds are written in red ink or put onto red cards.  The nouns are written in black ink.

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  1. I hope the boys thought the video was funny. I know I still do, glad it was applicable to today's lesson. Auntie R.

  2. We love that video!!! haha! Miss Daisy requested it the night she broke her leg! So we watched it together a few times!!