Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blog Blurb: Montessori Homeschooling

Today I wanted to let you all know about a shy little blog I've been enjoying:  Montessori Homeschooling.  I wish I had time to write a "blog blurb" about ALL of the blogs in my feedreader, but I don't.  I do, however, want to make sure I share it with you when I find something extra special. While there are almost fifty Montessori elementary homeschooling blogs listed in the Ultimate Montessori Blog list in my left-hand sidebar, not all of them are active blogs that you can read on a weekly basis.  I keep inactive blogs in the list because the existing posts are often full of great information and helpful downloads.  Also, not all of them are using traditional Montessori in all or most of their subjects.  Some are a mixture of methods, some used to be Montessori and have changed to other curriculum, some use Montessori materials and activities but in a more conventional setting.  I'd say there are less than ten mostly-Montessori elementary blogs that are active on a weekly basis (I'll list some of my favorites at the end of this post).  So, when I discover a new one of this quality I can't help but share it with you!

The author, Abbie, has a beautiful homeschool space.  Her blog makes for excellent eye-candy.  I really appreciate her photography prowess and am jealous of her pictures!

Abbie has been sharing free printables for many materials she has made, including these beautiful science experiment cards.  Don't worry primary readers!  She has primary-aged children as well.  You can find links to her downloads for both primary and elementary at the bottom of her blog.

It is so nice to see other families doing work your child is doing or is about to do, isn't it?

I have been getting a lot of new ideas there.  This week I'm eyeballing her operations cards for numbers greater than four-digits and loved all of the information she shared on how she made and stored them.  Did you know that I haven't been able to find Montessori math printables anywhere for numbers greater-than four digits?  Or for multipliers and divisors greater-than one digit?

Make sure you go visit Abbie at Montessori Homeschooling and tell her I sent you!

In case this post made your curious, how about a link-list of my favorite ACTIVE  Montessori-elementary blogs?

These are blogs that are generally active on at least a weekly basis.  I have some other blogs that I just love, love, love that are less active, inactive, have changed methods, or are "up-and-coming."  I haven't listed those here, but you'll find many more treasures if you troll the Ultimate Montessori Blog List in the left-hand sidebar.

Whoops...had the wrong French blog on the list.  I just replaced Montessori a la Maison with Montessori avec les 6-12 ans.  I am stretching the rule a bit there.  Montessori avec les 6-12 ans doesn't tend to post weekly, rather monthly, but puts up several posts at a time when she posts so it averages out.  The other blog I had here, Montessori a la Maison, is a blog I really enjoy but she doesn't post more than once or twice a month.  I had them confused because the other blog used to have a similar template.  And they are both in French, of course.


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  2. Thanks for this list! I already visit most of these, but I am going to check out a few new ones. We've been out of the country since May of this year visiting sick grandparents. We just came back and are relocating to another city. We need to start back up next year and hopefully blog starting next year! It is so nice to have "go to" blogs just ahead in terms of work!

  3. Thank you for including my blog! I knew about Montessori Homeschooling, but I kept forgetting to check back. Ive got it bookmarked now so I dont miss out. Most of the ones you listed I knew about but there are a couple I will go check out for sure.

  4. Thank you, wonderful post! Full of inspiration. May you have a blessed day, full of wonderful Montessorian. ♥

  5. MBT - I wondered if you'd edited that list after reading my e-mails this morning ;)

    I'm not sure Montessori Trails qualifies as routinely weekly, but I do try; so I wasn't worried about not being on the list. :)

    Thank you for sharing the Montessori Homeschooling blog - I'd not seen it yet and it's great! Adding it to my blogroll.

  6. I had no clue about the Montessori Homeschooling blog, I popped over there and I agree true eye candy! I am very smitten that you mentioned our blog. I am totally more motivated to do more blogging now. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I tried to contact Abbie from Montessori Homeschooling but the email address in the profile is not hers...
    Thank you so much for the list! For someone like me, just starting with her first child, it is quite overwhelming to have all those resources but also so inspiring!

  8. Wow! This is an awesome resource, thank you for sharing. I try to go through your blog list every once in awhile but somehow I missed this one.

    (And thanks for the shout out!)