Friday, January 24, 2014

Platonic Solids

It took me about one hour this afternoon to make the platonic solids.  I put one of our real Montessori wooden cubes in the photo so you can see how well the cardstock "solids" I made fit our existing set(s).  Both the primary and elementary sets of solids come with a cube so I didn't feel the need to make a paper one.

I printed the solids from this website (Thank you to Kathy at Kathy's Montessori Life for posting about these!) onto blue cardstock.  I used my best scissors to do the cutting, a small ruler to do the folding, and a popsicle stick to crease.  I suppose if I owned a bone folder I would have used that, but the popsicle stick was fine.  It was obvious right away that a glue stick was not going to cut it.  Super glue was a must.  I only glued myself to myself once!  The popsicle stick came in handy for poking around on the inside of the "solids" from time to time as I glued.  The super glue holds instantly, so my advice is to make your first priority the outside alignment of the edge.  Once that has had a few seconds to solidify go ahead and poke around inside with your popsicle stick to get the tab actually flush.

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  1. You are braver than me. I won't make these by hand ;)