Thursday, March 6, 2014

Messiah Mystery: Lent Activity

This year we are learning during Lent with the help of The Messiah Mystery.  I discovered this resource in February last year via Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations.  I was very excited because we love Truth in the Tinsel and I have been looking for something with a similar format.  Unfortunately, they sold out of kits very early last year.  This year I had my calendar marked and ordered on time.  The kit comes in a beautiful little box that the boys loved opening.  Inside are several well made and interesting items.  There was a lot of excitement when everything was unpacked.

the book

The boys love the feel of the cloth cover on the book.  Basically there is a Bible study provided for each of the six Wednesdays leading up to Easter beginning with Ash Wednesday.  The boys search for clues in the book using the very nice magnifying glass that came with the kit (much nicer than any we already owned).

 Me Too reading a clue

The kit came with two detectives notebooks for recording the clues.

 Me Too recording a clue

The clue notebooks are made out of really neat papers and chipboard with heavy metal rings.  They have a very "official" feel and the boys think they are super.

To help keep the study on your mind for all forty days leading up to Lent, there are 40 puzzle pieces that can be affixed to a poster.

You can place one puzzle piece each day or save them all up and do it at the end.  They can be formed into a paper chain but with a lot less work than Truth in the Tinsel.  The pieces have glue pre-applied so you just moisten and stick.  There are perforated ends on each piece so that you can lick and stick to make the paper chain.  That's a lot easier than printing, folding and cutting all of the "clues" for Truth in the Tinsel.  However, the boys don't want to bend the puzzle pieces to make the paper chain so we've decided to leave them flat in a stack.

We've only done one lesson so far, but I think we are going to like it.


  1. So cool. I really like reading about what you are doing with the boys in regard to religious education. (Can I call it that?) Fun activities in which we learn more about the Ones who matter? Can I call it that? :) You find some really cool stuff.

  2. I haven't heard of this!! On the list for next year. Thanks!

  3. About the poster and strips...this is not reusable, right?