Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pinewood Derby: We Did It Again!

This year BOTH boys participated in the Pinewood Derby.  Last year Me Too wasn't old enough, but Kal-El competed and took first place in his den and third place overall.

Here Me Too is celebrating with his Dad after realizing he had won first place in his den.  Kal-El was just as excited as he was and is behind him with his and on his shoulder.  Kal-El car was fast, but not nearly as fast as last year's.  We aren't entirely sure what went wrong but have some ideas.  He is already planning next year's car.

My husband obviously helps them build the cars, but doesn't build it by himself.  The boys do most of the work with their own hands.  My husband has to do most of the physical work in the wheel alignment process, but the boys did a lot of coaching.  They spend a couple of hours per week on the cars for about two months leading up to the derby.

Me Too was mobbed by his den when his car took first place in some of the finals heats.  They were chanting his name during the heats!

The boys, their cars, and their trophies.

I said, "Hey champ!" to Me Too at breakfast today.  He said, "You can just call me by my regular name.  It's okay if you call me champ sometimes, but usually just call me 'Me Too'."