Friday, March 21, 2014


At first, my blogging minutes were eaten up by the time I spent cutting holes in our kitchen soffits (nine total).  Fun job, but hard on my arms.  Switched from the drywall saw to the Dremel (opened my husband Christmas present for him, "from me" "to him". It turns out it was "from me" "to me.") The Dremel wasn't any faster but it was easier on my arms.  

Then my blogging time was re-directed to standing on a stepstool, staring at mysterious pipes and wires, and hypothesizing about where they might go.  This was followed by some cutting of holes in rooms that were NOT the kitchen.  
Lately, my blogging minutes have been eaten up while a long string of potential sub-contractors file through the house.  It appears I will be the "general contractor" on this job.  It's tricky.  I got a few quotes from real general contractors and couldn't afford the markup.  I'll be hiring real plumbers, electricians and drywallers so I don't anticipate losing my savings by missing out on materials discounts.  If I hear, "It's hard to tell you how much it's going to cost...blah, blah, blah...time and materials" one more time I might blow!  I just keep repeating, "I totally understand that, but you have to understand that I need at least a range with a high and a low so that I know if I'm going to have enough money to pay people when we are done."  It's taken all this just to order the cabinets and they still aren't ordered. I have at least two more meetings ahead of me before that can happen. It looks like sometime in May I will no longer have 1970's-fabulous cabinets and drawers that fall out on your feet when you open them.

What hasn't suffered is our school time!  (Pats self on back.)  I have taken tons of pictures but haven't had time to do anything with them.  My husband uploaded pictures last night so I was able to grab these and write this post. Have to go finish feeding the kids breakfast so we can head to the second countertop quoting place and then to a coop fieldtrip.


  1. Fun. Or... not.


    I recall a few years back calling junk yards about picking up an old van I had with bad transition, going-out engine, mostly decent body, and tons of metal on it. I had quite a few tell me they needed to see it first, etc. Ok, that's fine, but give me a *range* so neither of us are wasting our time. Most just quoted me over the phone. One guy INSISTED that I wouldn't get more than $50 for it - this right after I got off the phone with another place that said they'd likely give me $250 for it. Hm. I just got so frustrated with "give me a range!"

    (in the end I went with the ones who would give me $250 - sight unseen. When they picked it up, checked it out.... I got a check for $500.)


  2. So... That is what you've been up to! I totally understand, our house is in the constant state of renovation. The good news for us... After moving the school room twice... We have decided to give up our bedroom and turn it into the school room!