Thursday, April 17, 2014

School Days: Flat Bead Frame, Checkerboard, Dot Game, and More

We have been very busy with kitchen planning.  All of the details are in place.  All of the sub-contractors are lined up.  The cabinets are ordered (hardest part so far) It FEELS like the hardest part is over.  I'm sure I'll be surprised, but I am hoping for smooth sailing.  I have been too busy to blog but not too busy to show the boys new Montessori work.

Kal-El is working on exercise 4B for the distributive law of multiplication.

He can't decide which he loves more, the flat bead frame....

...or the checkerboard.

In the meantime he is still making plans to move to Alaska where he will live off the grid while making a two-stage-to-orbit space plane that he will launch from Kodiak island so that he can live in space. He really likes the Solar Walk app on our iPad.  You can read a good review here. In the photo above he was reenacting the lunar eclipse that he and I got up in the middle of the night to watch earlier this week.  

Me Too has become our resident "lines" expert.  He chooses one of the "study of lines" works nearly everyday.  The booklet...

...Primary-style three-part cards (we have elementary-style cards with definitions also)...

...command cards (Albanesi).

Now that he has been introduced ALL parts of speech he has enjoyed pulling out the grammar farm and building some really big sentences.

"Uh-oh! The pig runs outside the barn really fast."

He is working on the stamp game and small bead frame in parallel right now.  He has worked through ALL of our equation drawers for addition, subtraction and multiplication with the stamp game.  He doesn't want to do the division equations until he has memorized his division facts.  So, while we are waiting for him to wrap up his memorization boards I introduced him to the dot game.

One thing I've never liked about this work is that the boxes for the carrying are near the bottom.  I always have wondered why they don't put the boxes at the top so that the kids notate the carrying the same way they will when they do the work purely on paper.  Things that make you go, "hmmm."


  1. So glad to see you back blogging!
    You are such a good teacher/mom to get up in the middle of the night to watch the lunar eclipse. I really wanted to see it and T begged me to set an alarm so we could get up for it but I just didn't want to. Was it exciting enough to make it worth it for you and Kal-el? I know there is another one coming in about 6 months, maybe we will get up for that one. We watched a video of the one from the other day and T thought it was awesome, but it was time lapsed so it only took 2 mins to watch.
    I love that Kal-el wants to move to Alaska, he and T would get along well I think. Ive heard stories of living in Alaska from T, but mostly because he is in love with polar bears.

  2. Oh my God!! Im sooooo impressed!!!! Kal'El is doing AMAIZING!!!! LOVE, LOVE ALL THE MATH WORKS!!! I have to admit, that its SO HARD to ME reading amounts on the checkerboard!!!LOL. And Me too!!!, too!!LOL a lines and geometry expert!!! OMG!! Im so happy and glad to reading my favorites and [bloggy friends[ blogs back!!!!LOL Big Hugs!!!