Wednesday, April 16, 2014

School Days: Geography

I already knew that Me Too was enjoying a geography explosion.  It became super obvious when I started putting together a "school days" post and saw how many pictures I had of him working with various maps.  He seemed to be holding back from the pin maps for the past two months.  However, when he was ready he was really ready and has explored them more than even Kal-El has. Kal-El has been avoiding the new "Oceania" and "Caribbean" maps but Me Too jumped in with gusto.

Me Too wanted to demonstrate the sturdiness of our pins in the foamboard.

Me Too mastered the South America puzzle map and then tested his own knowledge with the pin map.  That is what got his feet wet and once he was in the water he didn't want to stop.  He moved right on to the flags.

He continued on right through the capitals.

After years of relative indifference, Me Too is finally interested in the Antarctica continent box.

Me Too hasn't been doing all of this geography alone.  Dueling pin maps are now a frequent sight.

Kal-El likes to practice the larger maps that he never really "mastered" 100%.  He has spent a lot of time with the Asia and Europe maps lately.  

I finished organizing my husband's coin collection so that it could be used in the continent boxes.  Thanks to his parents extensive travels he had an impressive collection.  Above Kal-El is admiring the coins in the Asia continent box.

The boys have been doing a lot of new work, particularly in math.  I'll try to get the other subjects up in a "school days" post soon.


  1. It is great to see your boys doing pin maps! How is the kitchen going? That is cool about the coin collection. I kick myself sometimes that I didn't snag my grandfather's huge stamp collection when he passed. Volumes I tell you from everywhere and probably plenty of places that are no longer countries. BTW how do you deal with that?

    1. I was really happy when I dug through my husband's coin collection because he had coins from virtually every country in Europe (that WAS a country in the 80's). Since so many have gone to the Euro it was nice to have the old coins. The boys learned a lot of the U.S. states by matching the coins and I thought that the Euro would have prevented us from doing that.

      When the boys really started showing an interest in maps I explained to them that *I* have trouble remembering some of the countries because they simply didn't exist when I memorized my maps. We pulled up some maps on the computer from the 80's so that they could see that I had far fewer countries to memorize back then. We have altered some of our puzzle maps slightly over the years and I always involved them when I did that. They understand that an area that used to be one country might want to become two countries with separate governments. I've told them that over the years I might have to buy new pin maps and make some new pins if there are more changes.

  2. You have beautiful geography materials. We don't have pin maps yet, Ive thought about making them but time is such an issue. I think they would bring more interest to geography though, T no longer finds the puzzle maps interesting. I like the idea of coins to help with interest in other countries. We have also been doing the state quarters to help with our state studies but we don't have a nice coin collection (or stamp collection as Abbie mentioned) from around the world. I really think hands on materials like that would really bring a higher interest in geography.