Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cultivating Dharma Albums Available Again!

The Cultivating Dharma albums are available for download once again!  I don't know how long they've been back, but happened to check today and was happy to see that Jonathan reposted them.  He also added his history album to the roster!  Yea!

You can find the albums on Jonathan's blog, Cultivating Dharma, on this page:

Cultivating Dharma Elementary Montessori Albums


  1. So glad to see that they are back up - I haven't checked in a while! Also, good to see you! :) I hope you're summer is going well! Thanks for sharing this - I will definitely be making a point of saving the History album immediately.

  2. Thank you for this update and for adding our new homeschool blog to the blogroll! It sure does feel good to be back in the homeschool blogging scene.

  3. Yahoo! has started blocking all blogspot messages linked to Yahoo! addresses. All comment notification, e-mail delivery, etc., has started bouncing. Changed to a new e-mail addy. Leaving a test comment to see where it winds up, if anywhere.