Saturday, September 6, 2014

School Days, Week One: Math

This week was a lot lighter on the math that I would have wished.  However, Kal-El found some time to continue his checkerboard work.

He taught himself to do the work abstractly on paper if he is lucky enough to pull an equation with a single-digit multiplier.

I introduced him to the racks and tubes!  I will post more about it when we are a little further along.  Right now I am technically giving him the "primary" racks and tubes presentations.

Me Too started division with the stamp game.  He's excited because it was driving him nuts that he wasn't using the little skittle pieces until now.

The only thing he has hanging on from primary is a little memory work.  He has two more games to finish with the blank board for multiplication.  Afterward he needs to work on the division boards.

Both boys are a little weak in the memorization of their multiplication facts for 6's, 7's, 8's, and 9's.  I decided to pick a fact family (8's) and focus on it until they are solid.  Afterward I will move on to a different family.  

We have the Classical Conversations apps on my iPad, but the boys really don't like the singsongy skip counting songs.  Instead they prefer junk like this:

It actually worked in pretty short order.  However, the songs for the other numbers by this company are so similar I wouldn't try working on several at a time.

We have been playing Speed! with the eight's deck.  The boys have been pulling the relevant sheets out of our Skipcountapalooza.  I added some sheets to the collection such as some dot-to-dots by eights and mystery phrase papers.

That's it for math!  I'll post more about our other work this weekend.

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  1. There is also a Math U See skip counting CD that I picked up cheap at a curriculum sale/swap and my kids liked that.

    I think all of my kids are probably weaker than they "should" be in memorization, but I have decided not to push it too hard as I've noticed it continues to grow each year even without a lot of extra instruction/activities.