Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dueling Division

Today I just have some glamour shots of the division work going out at our house.

Kal-El has been working on long division with the test tubes (racks and tubes). 

He was not introduced to this work in primary so we have been practicing with one-digit divisors first.  Today he finished practicing the first exercise (recording the final answer only).  Tomorrow he will start two-digit divisors.  

Me Too has been working with the division bead board.  He likes to photograph his work and took the following two pictures:

He is working through this board much more quickly than Kal-El.  He did all the equations for dividends 81-56 in about four or five days.   As soon as he finishes the sequence of division memorization boards I will start him on racks and tubes as well.

He is also working on larger division equations (4-digit dividends, single-digit divisors) with the stamp game.

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