Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Story of Writing: Hieroglyphics

Another follow-up to the Story of Writing this year was writing with hieroglyphs.  We used Fun with Hieroglyphs from the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Thank you for the recommendation Chasing Cheerios!).  The book we used comes with stamps for each hieroglyph.  It also came with an activity book that we will use slowly over many years with lots of different levels of using the hieroglyphs, words to decode, and more.  We started with the most basic way to use the hieroglyphs.  We haven't gotten into stacking them or writing different directions.  As an alternative to stamps, I have also seen a tracing stencil book, Hieroglyphs from a to Z, for hieroglyphs in use over at Expedition Montessori.

Our other Fourth Great Lesson Work:

The boys love the stamps!  Chasing Cheerios didn't like the quality of the stamps.  I thought they were fine.  I guess we don't know any better.

Kal-El wrote:  "Can I have some juice?"

It seems to be his new "thing."  You might remember that he wrote the same thing in cuneiform.

Me Too was ambitious! He wrote:

I love you Dad.
It is 2014.
I am having
a good school day.
Love, Me Too

I thought I was going to post about hieroglyphs LAST week, but Me Too's message was so long that he wrote part last week and part this morning.

Kal-El started to write "Can I have juice?" again this morning but I told him that was not going to fly.  So, instead he wrote "Can we practice violin?"


  1. We are waiting for that book to come in the mail! They weren't enthused after the 4th great lesson as much. Maybe it was the lack of new materials, but everyone really liked the story of numbers we did today and the booklet of number forms I put together.

    Off to work on music card materials. The laminating never ends.

    Your kids are cute!!

  2. Fun! We also enjoyed Hieroglyph Stamps as a follow up work after sharing the Story of Writing. We like this set a lot. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ooooh, a book with stamps! It's on my list now, thanks! Can't wait for this lesson. I can see my son pulling this stamp work out everyday for a few weeks until I finally make him do something else! Thanks for sharing with us :).

  4. I. WANT. those. stamps.

    That is all I have to say.