Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Unsuccessful Grammar Lesson

Oh boy.  Yesterday Kal-El was reviewing indefinite articles.  I let him sort the cards first because this was review and he already seemed to know which nouns took "a" and which took "an."  After he was finished I asked him to look over his work and then come tell me the rule for which one goes where. 

So you don't have to squint at the picture the pairs are:

an octopus
an eraser
an umbrella
an owl
an elephant

a house
a chair
a pen 
a table
a dog

 He looked at it a second and said with confidence, "The nouns that go with 'an' don't make good housepets."

He was NOT joking.  Oh dear.

Also heard in our house that day...

Me Too:  "I'm really glad I have a butt."


  1. I. LOVE. BOYS.

    Just keep repeating that.

    Because girls are no better.


    Yeah, we've had those days too.

  2. Gosh sometimes it's just good to have a giggle! :)

    1. Totally,

      Kal-El's odd and earnest interpretation of that grammar rule reminded me why I used to love teaching (outside the home).

  3. I fell down laughing. When taking out of context, these two instances are hysterical. Still laughing...with tears messing up my makeup.

    1. There was no context These are the random things they say!

      Me Too was working on his division bead board. He gazed over at me lovingly and said sweetly, "I'm glad I have a butt." I said, "I'm glad you have one too." and he went right back to work.

      Totally random.

    2. LOL!! The "context" makes it even better...lol!

      And if my son was in the room when this was said, he would have been rolling on the floor laughing. I'm not sure why this word is so funny. I keep thinking maybe I should teach him the word "buttock" since it sounds more appropriate and less crude. But he'd probably still crack up. Boys!


  4. And thanks for the US state memorization inspiration!! :)

  5. I :DIED: laughing at this. I promise you, girls are no better - you don't EVEN want to know what's been said in my house that should never have come out of the mouths of such *precious little girls* (said tongue-in-cheek, of course). :) That is so hilarious, and I seriously think the quickness of such a thought is proof of genius alone! *still laughing*

  6. I was looking at your grammar cards and they are D'Nealian...where are they from? MRD?

  7. I personally think it was very successful. That took some different thinking to look at the list, analyze what was going on, and then realize those things wouldn't make good pets. As for the butt comment, I'm glad I have one, too. It would make sitting down pretty painful if we didn't have butts. Can you tell I have a boy?