Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Geography Work Chart #2 (GW2)

We are finishing up the "Sun and Earth" section of the KotU geography album.  The last few things we do before we move onto things like the work of wind and water are work charts.

This is the second of the work charts in the sun and Earth section of the album.  The first one (GW1) was the time zone chart I posted about at the beginning of October.

Montessori geography work chart GW2 perpendicular rays sun zones

This second chart (GW2) shows the Earth divided into zones according to the locations of the Arctic and Antarctic circles, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and the equator.  I could have printed the basic chart from several places.  A download is included with the KotU album.  A very nice, clean version is included in the NAMC blackline masters.  My ETC impressionistic charts has an unlabeled version of this but the heat distribution is pictured "realistically" therefore the tropics are not clearly delineated.  In the end, I had a copy from the Mid-America album already printed and colored from a few years ago so I wrote the names of the zones on with a Sharpie and called it day.

You need a small movable image of the sun and the dates of the equinoxes and solstices.  I typed up the dates and threw some clip art into Google Docs and printed them on cardstock.  You can save yourself five minutes by accessing my file.

I already showed the boys how the perpendicular rays fall on the different parts of the Earth on these dates the other day with the globe and a flashlight.  This chart gives them another way to practice that knowledge.  They took turns.  One brother would place the sun and the other brother would place the date, then they would switch.


  1. They were getting along that day? This lesson brings back memories.

  2. Thank you for the file. That was very quick for me.