Thursday, November 13, 2014


We have been talking about the different skins or outer coverings of animals.  Me Too has had the Magiscope out a few times to look at the outer coverings on some of the animals in our specimen collection.

I took this picture to show you all how easy it is to look at a 3-D object with the Magiscope.  If the item is sturdy, Me Too plops it right onto the platform.  If the item is delicate he leaves it in its specimen container (clear plastic for a reason) and puts the whole container on the platform.

I took a few pictures of the specimen's through the Magiscope using my iPad so you could get a general idea of what things looked like.  I just hold the iPad over the eyepiece and adjust the distance until it looks okay.

A crab claw

Found on the ground near one of the Great Lakes.

I don't believe it was native to the lake.

I think a seagull stole it from a buffet and dropped it 

after trying to eat it.

The head of what we call a "Florida Lizard" because they run around everywhere we walk down there.  Probably an anole.

The foot of the same lizard.  

My in-laws found this little guy dried to a crisp next to their rooftop air-conditioner.

Small, broken piece of coral collected off the ocean floor off the island of Jamaica, by me

He also looked at a dragonfly and moth, but my pictures didn't turn out well.  I was wobbly.

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