Thursday, December 4, 2014

Truth in the Tinsel Time, Again

Me Too reading Isaiah 9:2-7

It's Truth in the Tinsel time again!  This year both boys are taking turns reading the Bible verses aloud for the other.  Every year we just love how much this curriculum encourages and reinforces our habit of daily Bible reading with the added fun of ornament making.  If you would like to read more about how our family has used Truth in the Tinsel in the past, see some of our ornaments, and see how our family has chosen to display them you can find all of our Truth in the Tinsel post through this link.

I think my coolest post on Truth in the Tinsel is about the music I selected to play for my boys as they make their ornaments.  I chose songs with the goal of memorizing the Bible text of the day in mind.
The post is called "Musical Companions to Truth in the Tinsel."

Thanks to a suggestion from my friend Heidi (Please be praying for her family, especially her unborn daughter!), I put together the selections from that post into a YouTube playlist.  You can access the playlist at the bottom of this post.

I have a couple of new Truth in the Tinsel tips this year.

I use the book on my iPad (in iAnnotate) and I never realized until this week that if you tap on the Bible reference (such as Isaiah 9:2-7) it opens up an NIrV version of the text in Bible Gateway.  After you're done reading you quickly close it with a tap and are right back in Truth in the Tinsel.  I have found it very helpful to be able to quickly pop open the appropriate verses on my iPad to follow along as the boys read in case they get stuck on a word.  Funny, they handled "Zechariah" just fine but stumble on "Midian." 

If you are looking for a Bible that is great for lower elementary, I wrote about the Bible that we use in this post.  We chose it because of third-grade reading level of its NIrV translation and its LARGE PRINT.

Truth in the Tinsel is also our Advent calendar.  Instead of opening  a little cardboard door to reveal a chocolate, we take a link off of a paper chain each day until Christmas.  Each link has a "clue" written on it (which gives the kids an extra way to help focus on listening to the Bible verses).  My other tip this year is to make your own paper chain.  This is the first year I didn't print the paper chain from the Truth in the Tinsel book.  The "official" version is very small, uses a LOT of ink,  is formatted in a way that makes the chain pieces difficult to cut out and trim, and then each link needs to be folded.  This year I finally wised up and wrote the clues on a normal paper chain with a Sharpie.  Duh.  I don't know what takes me so long sometimes.  This provided some extra benefits.  My boys take turns taking the links off the chain and LOVE To fight about whose turn  it is EVERY DAY.  Me Too's links are green and Kal-El's are red.  Fight avoided.  I was also able to write all of Kal-El's clues in cursive and Me Too's in print for some extra sneaky cursive practice that makes Kal-El feel like a big man.  I just tape our paper chain onto the patio doors next to our kitchen table, alongside Kal-El's paper Santa and Me Too's paper elf.  Some years I hang it from a suction cup hanger (couldn't find it this year).

I hope you are all finding ways to bring meaning to the holidays!

My playlist of Musical Companions to Truth in the Tinsel can be accessed below:

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  1. Looking forward to listening to your musical compilation, though T will be humming it in no time all the time. Better than skip counting I guess.