Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tweaking the Bank Game Box

Last week I posted about our adventures with the B'omarr Monk Game or Montessori Bank Game.  After tweaking the game itself, it was time to tweak the box.  I bought our bank game from a friend.  I don't know where she bought it.  As it came, it needed laminating.  I noticed even before I laminated that the unit cards were nearly impossible to get out of their cubbies.  When I laminated I trimmed those cards a little smaller, but it was still ridiculous.  To add insult to injury, I had to trim after laminating because the cubbies are so tight.  So now as our chubby fingers struggled to take the unit cards out we were peeling the laminating film right off of our cards.  Maybe your box is sized properly.  However, if it isn't here is how you can tweak your box to fix this little problem

Inspired by the ribbons in some battery compartments, I cut some ribbon to the proper size and then super glued just the very edge down to the bottom edge of the smallest cubbies.  A staple or tack would be great here, but the wood on the bottom of my box is too thin to take one.

Then, when you load your unit cards into the box you can load them on top of the ribbon.  Use the extra ribbon to lift the unit cards out of their cubby.


  1. Ahh cleaver! Where did you put your photos of the brain and the droid? In a manila library card pocket holder affixed to the inside of the top of the box? Or did you get more elaborate than that? :)

    We didn't end of laminating this...but I do agree that the box is VERY small.

  2. Brilliant! I'll have to check out my box now! Not sure if I have the same issue or not.

  3. Awesome!

    I made ours at home with cut-up paper and paint markers; and stored it all in envelopes. But the box is SO pretty! Good to know about those tiny slots if I ever do get one - ribbon it is!

  4. I think we got our bank game from Montessori Outlet?