Thursday, March 12, 2015

Antonym Key Experience

Just a picture of the antonym key experience today.   A photo that I am now noticing looked a lot better on the camera than on the blog.  Yuck.  Sorry.  This presentation is from the Cultivating Dharma language album which you can access for free through the link.  The Keys of the Universe albums are my go-to albums but there doesn't happen to be a presentation for antonyms.  Frankly, kids will have learned about "opposites" long before lower elementary without having had a formal lesson on it.  I mainly did this presentation to teach the word "antonym."

I think we've finished all of the word study work in the albums now.  I just bought the ETC Word Study set (Abbie, over 2300 cards.  You BET I bought it laminated.) to use as light review work into the future.  I don't necessarily want to go through that section of the album again, but without 20 other classmates at different age levels the boys won't get the indirect review that they would in a traditional Montessori school.  This is one of the ways I adapt for that.

It is also about time for Kal-El to start the "verb conjugation" section of the language album.  KotU will eventually have printables available for that, but not quite yet. I am adverse to making materials right now so I also bought the verb conjugation sets from ETC (6-9, 9-12, overview).  I don't expect they'll match the albums very closely, but I'll let you know how it looks.  I'm expecting a box any day now.

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