Tuesday, March 31, 2015

School Day

I am having trouble with our camera.  I think it's the external flash.  I haven't been photographing our work lately which makes me less likely to blog.  So, this week I picked ONE day, Monday, and took pictures of most of our work.  This way you can see what things are looking like around here, or at least how they looked on Monday.  I took all of these photos with my iPad so the quality is not great.

Copywork from  Writing with Ease.  

Circling multiples of different numbers on a printed hundred board.  This is part of the traditional Montessori elementary sequence for multiples.  You can read a great post about the multiples with good pictures over at Lycee International Montessori.

We pulled out the Leprechan's Luck multiplication facts game for St. Patrick's day and the boys have been playing it daily ever since.

The Leprechan's Luck game reminded them of the division race game (division facts) so we've been playing this daily too.  You can read more about these games in this post.  I suspect they choose them every day because the winner gets three M&M's, second place two, and third one.  If Mom get's second place (Me Too ALWAYS gets first place) she gives one of her M&M's to the second place winner.   They were already good with their multiplication and division facts, but now they are getting FAST.

Me Too seems to finally understand long multiplication on the large bead frame well enough that I don't have to sit right next to him.  Here he is perusing our form drawing idea book to find a fresh way to decorate between his equations.

Kal-el is working a long division equation from our racks and tubes set without the racks and tubes.  Just old-fashioned long division.

He is slowly working his way through the grammar boxes.  I haven't been pushing these so it will take a while.  No worries.

He made a Waseca stencil map of Europe.  All of his The Story of the World work has brought new meaning to the rivers on these maps and he likes to trace them and label them.

I gave the presentations introducing the measurement of angles.  The boys really liked this and were tripping over each other to put different fraction pieces (pies AND squares) onto the protractor.  

Then Kal-El wanted some obtuse angles to measure and brought out triangles from the geometric cabinet.

Me Too likes to fill out the fraction tickets.  If I made these again I think I would leave off the line that is supposed to go under the answer.  Me Too insists on using it as his fraction bar.  He also refuses to write "zero" instead of "zero sevenths" because he says the latter is "more interesting."


  1. "More interesting" - you canNOT argue with that logic! ;)

    Awesome day!

  2. Yeay!! I is so good to see what they've been up to, especially on the week I haven't set foot in our classroom because I've been doing everything else under the sun.

    I think people changed their shirts mid-way through your day... :)

    and it looks like you've been working hard in the classroom too!

    1. Ha! I had to think about that because I knew I only took pictures on Monday. They were in pajamas until they had to take the dog out. The put on clothes to take him out. Then I think kal-el got cold and added another shirt.

  3. Love it! Life has been so busy blogging has taken a back burner for a bit, and it's so nice to see someone else is able to keep up with it! :)

  4. Glad to see how your days are going! I'm inspired to start working again. We've been dragging along because Swiper is showing me that he NEEDS his own classroom now! Busy trying to figure out how best to add infancy to my overloaded classroom!