Monday, March 9, 2015

Second Work Table

As much as I dislike giving up the floor space I added a second work table to the school room.  The boys spend a very good percentage of their day fighting.  Even with our floor table (chowki) on hand there were still too many times when we run out of space at the big table.  Since we started our art curriculum Me Too has been doing a lot of complaining that Kal-El shakes the table too much when he shades (He does.  It's like an earthquake.)  I don't like the kids working specifically on art or handwriting on a chowki.

Divine intervention helped.  I bought this table for Me Too's room but had never taken it out of the box.  Shortly after I bought it I bought Kal-El a desk for his room.  Once I saw how much Kal-El enjoyed his desk drawers I thought that Me Too should have a desk rather than a table.  I tried to sell this on Craigslist but no one bought it.  I think it was because it was still in the box.  Since it has been discontinued I couldn't find a picture to use and people don't buy things like this without a picture.  I've been thinking about it sitting in the garage and thought I'd give it a try.  I figured if it were at least assembled I could now sell it if I didn't like it.  One day in and I know it is going to stay.

I paid $40 for this at Target when they must have been clearancing them out (Elliot Kids "Grow With Me" table).  The table top is 24"x33".  It is a shame that it was discontinued because it's pretty neat.  The legs are each in two pieces with a hinge between the two.  If I ever want to make the table taller I lift up the top, straighten the legs at the hinge, and put the top back on.  It is kitchen table height when the legs are extended.  It also has a dowel to hold a roll of easel paper and a guide to direct it across the table top.  I didn't take pictures today in all of its "configurations" because none of you can buy it anyway.  Perhaps you'll see those features in action sometime in the future.  The closest thing you can buy at this time would be the Carolina "Grow With You" table at Pottery Barn.  It doesn't have hinged legs but rather comes with two sets of legs so you can change them.

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  1. It looks pretty sturdy too! Too bad they didn't keep selling them.